Lecture 7

lecture title

Sustainable Outcomes

delivered by

Gary Clark, Regional Lead EMEA, Science and Technology at HOK London Studio and Chair of the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group


An analysis of the most recent projections by UN Habitat reveals that the number of urban dwellers in the Commonwealth is predicted to increase by over 1bn people by 2050, that’s nearly 50% of the total projected increase in the World’s urban population in the next 30 years. Estimates suggest that this is going to result in around 90 billion sqm of additional floorspace in Africa alone by 2060 and managing this growth sustainably is vital not only for the citizens of the Commonwealth but for the entire world.

With only 10 years remaining to achieve the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals and avert a climate crisis, it’s vital for built environment professionals around the world to understand the targets we need to meet and the timescales within which they need to be met. 

In the concluding lecture of the current series, Gary Clark, Chair of the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group will describe, in practical terms, a set of measurable and manageable outcomes that practitioners can use on a daily basis on projects of all scales. 

This lecture was first broadcast on the 13th August 2020 and was watched by over 214 participants from over 35 countries. The live recording of this lecture can be found here, the pre-recorded version is available at the top of this webpage. The event was chaired by Mina Hasman, CAA Focal Point at the GlobalABC. Upon conclusion of the lecture, Gary and Mina were joined by Martina Otto, Head of the Cities Unit at the UN Environment Programme and Head of Secretariat at the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

key concepts

Key Sustainability Principles, Sustainability Metrics, eg: Operational Carbon, Embodied Carbon, and Associated Targets

relevant SDGs

SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG11, SDG12, SDG13

links to further information

RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge
RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide 2019
2020 RIBA Plan of Work Overview
Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction
UN Environment

additional resources

Live lecture, first broadcast 13 august 2020, available here.
A copy of the presentation, in PDF format, can be found here, the lecture notes will be uploaded in due course.