Lecture 3

lecture title

Planned City Extensions

delivered by

Alfredo Caraballo, Director at Allies and Morrison


The CAA’s Survey of the Built Environment Professions in the Commonwealth identified a critical lack of professional capacity in many of the Commonwealth countries which are urbanising most rapidly and are among the most vulnerable. Well-managed cities recognise the need to plan properly for growth. In many cases this will result in the development of planned city extensions. 

In this lecture, Alfredo Caraballo from Allies and Morrison, describes the master-planning process associated with the design of one such project in Muscat, Oman; a project which aims to set new standards in terms of sustainability and design while providing a catalyst for change in the Sultanate.

This lecture was first broadcast on 16 July 2020 and was watched by over 280 participants from over 36 countries. The live recording of this lecture is available here, with the pre-recorded lecture available at the top of this webpage. The event was chaired by Dyan Currie AM, President of the Commonwealth Association of Planners. Upon conclusion of the live lecture, Alfredo was joined in conversation by Tom Perry, Head of Cities at the UK Design Council.

key concepts

Site analysis, Micro-climate, Passive design, Density, Mixed-use, Walkable neighbourhoods, Massing and Typology, Character Areas and Identity.

relevant SDGs

SDG11, SDG12, SDG13, SDG15

links to further information

UN Habitat, Planned City Extensions
UN Habitat, Analysis of Historical Examples
UN Habitat, Economic Foundations for Sustainable Urbanisation
Climate Action, Addressing Climate Change through Planned City Extensions

additional resources

Live lecture, first broadcast 09 July 2020, available here.
A copy of the presentation can be found here.
Speaker notes will be available in due course.